Atom International

ATOM Is a company established in 1994 skilled in exporting perissable products throughout Africa, Fresh West Indies and Overseas French Districts.

Our expertise

Exports of fresh, frozen products, dry and long shelf-life products.

Our location

In the heart of the largest wholesale market in the world (marché d’intérêt national). Located in Rungis.

Our customers

Hypers and supermarkets, groceries, hotels, restaurants located in Africa, the Overseas French Districts and Asia.

Our Commitments

  • Impeccable quality of our products.
  • Traceability and freshness guaranteed.
  • Supply management until delivery.
  • Satisfaction of our customers.
  • Perfect knowledge of our markets.
  • Bespoke service.

They rely on us

Our organization


ATOM was founded in 1994 by Grégoire Morant.

At present we have:

  • Most of aggreements from official organisms.
    Integrated customs department.
  • The « EA » approved exporter-status by the European Customs authorities.
  • Agreement conventions and a close cooperation with the main exporting services (sanitary, phytosanitary services, legal services).


Our team

We are accustomed to work with confidence with our customers and we do our best to offer the best prices, services and an irreproachable quality .

Contact us


+33 (0)1 48 84 35 35

94 rue de Châteaurenard - Building D2

CP 90233 – 94582 RUNGIS CEDEX M.I.N. – FRANCE

Need information?

For any enquiries or listings, you can contact us by phone, email or use the contact form.

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